Game Changing Biotech for Sustainability

Ironic Chemicals is a biochemical technology startup positively impacting the environment. Our team has worked together to develop an environmentally sustainable bioprocess that transforms by-products from the mining, oil and gas industries into usable products. We've engineered a bacterium that consumes sulfur-containing materials while creating valuable chemicals from carbon dioxide by a fermentation process.

The bioprocess is unique in its versatility; it produces complex chemicals while reducing waste at low cost, and creating access to new sources of revenue.


Next Steps...

At first, the bacteria will be deployed to produce polymer precursors but we plan to diversify to applications producing additional complex chemicals.  The team is expanding use of the bacteria to other industries including energy and pharmaceuticals.

The Ironic Chemicals' solution is a fundamental piece of the circular economy, redeploying used resources into production, while maximizing resource value and preventing environment disasters.

We seek to collaborate with environmentally passionate partners and stakeholders ranging from NGOs to public organizations to corporations.

Join us in creating a sustainable world.